Dog & Cat Boarding in Sewickley, PA

Nestled in a beautiful country setting on 21 acres of wooded hills, The Kennel is the perfect location for a relaxing vacation for dogs and cats. Our facility in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, offers quality dog and cat boarding services in a bright, airy, heated, and air conditioned building with large ceiling exhaust fans to move fresh air.

Personal Attention

When you're looking for the best care for your pet, find peace of mind knowing our facility is here to help. The experienced staff is made up of pet lovers who provide each canine or feline guest with personal attention in a clean, well-maintained environment.

We will care for all boarded pets with kindness and will place their welfare above all other business considerations.

We will provide security and safety for all boarded pets by means of design and good animal handling procedures, adequate separation between animals, and keeping all pet boarding areas free of potential hazards.

Caring for Dogs and Cats

Bring your pet to the caring professionals at The Kennel for dog boarding in a clean, odor-free facility. Located in a beautiful wooded area, your dog will enjoy hours of watching wildlife, such as deer, rabbits, blue herons, and ducks.

For your convenience, we feed Iams™ products. We feed dogs two to three times each day, and try to maintain your feeding schedule. In addition, canines enjoy a tasty biscuit to keep them calm at the end of the day and prepare them for sleep.

If your pet has special dietary needs, you can bring your own food at no additional cost. However, we request you bring enough food for the entire length of your pets stay.
Dogs and Cats— Pet Care Services in Sewickley, PA
For your dogs health and comfort we provide Kuranda™ beds

We will maintain a sanitary environment for all boarded pets.
We will provide clean individual stainless steel food and water containers daily for each boarded pet.
We will provide an adequate and proper diet in the amount you direct.
We will seek veterinary assistance whenever appropriate, the choice of veterinarian to be explained during check-in.

Large Runs

Each dog has his or her own indoor/outdoor run. Made of commercial ceramic tile, the inside runs are easy to clean.
The outside runs are separate and individual and feature a concrete floor. Sizes range from 4' x 14' to 6' x 14' or larger!

The facility is also equipped with six oversize runs, which we consider family condos. These large runs can accommodate several extra large dogs from the same family. We maintain a sanitary environment for your pet. We maintain a sanitary environment by using pet-friendly foam, sanitizing prior and during your pets stay.
Dog Large Running— Dog Training in Sewickley, PA

Walks & Playtime

At The Kennel, we strive to make your pet's stay stress free and enjoyable. That's why we offer one-on-one, 15-minute walks within the beautiful fenced-in area.

Pets can also work off their energy with one-on-one 15-minute play sessions in the fenced outdoor play area. Playtime is the perfect opportunity to give your beloved pet the additional care and exercise they need, and can include Frisbee, balls, or any toy of your dog's choosing.

Condos for Cats

Cats enjoy our spacious, newly remodeled cat condos to make your feline's stay even more comfortable each condo is individualized with multi tier levels. They include stainless steel water & food bowls. The Cattery has its own separate


For your convenience, our staff is happy to administer medications as directed, should your pet require them during their stay. Be sure to inform us of any medication requirements or other special needs when you make your reservations or check in. Medication services are available for $1 per dose.

Immunization for Dogs and Cats

Immunization for Dogs and Cats - Pet Care Services in Sewickley, PA