Pet Day Care & More in Sewickley, PA

While you're away for the day, find peace of mind knowing the professionals from The Kennel are here to help. Our facility in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, offers convenient pet day care services. As an added bonus, grooming services are also available. **Shots Required**

Quality Day Care Services

Due to fun-filled interactions with other animals, pet day care has grown in popularity. At The Kennel, we offer this convenient service to pet owners in need of someone to cater to their companion's needs for a short time.

Simply drop off your pet during our regular morning hours, and we'll provide them with personal attention. You can even make the day even more enjoyable with a personal nature walk or playtime, which are available at an additional charge. Once the day is over, you can pick up your feline or canine during our afternoon hours.
Dog Fetching— Dog Training in Sewickley, PA
Boy playing with dog— Pet Sitting & Day Care in Sewickley, PA

Regular Grooming

Scheduling routine grooming not only helps your pet look and smell good, but it also keeps your pet's skin and coat healthy. Let our professional groomer provide your pet with a quality grooming services to keep your pet's coat beautiful and well maintained. Changes to your pet's coat won't go ignored, as these can be signs of skin conditions and serious health problems. Should we notice any changes, we'll alert you immediately.

Day Care & More

Teeth Cleaning— Pet Grooming & Boarding in Sewickley, PA
Teeth Cleaning*
Ear Cleaning— Pet Grooming & Boarding in Sewickley, PA
Ear Cleaning
Nail Trimming— Pet Grooming & Boarding in Sewickley, PA
Nail Triming

*Available at an Additional Charge

Contact us for an appointment to keep your pet looking and feeling its best.