Boarding Requirements & Rates in Sewickley, PA

We require all dogs to have proof of current immunizations, including (DHLPP), bordetella, and rabies.
*Veterinary proof of inoculation is required at check-in.

Requirements for Cats

We require all Cats to have their yearly immunizations prior to boarding. Immunizations include (FVRCPP) and rabies. You also need to provide Veterinary proof of inoculation at the time of check in.The boarding accommodations provide felines with the right amount of space to roam. In addition, our professional staff provides them with personalized care each day.
Rubbing a Cat— Pet Care Services in Sewickley, PA

Food for Finicky Felines

For your convenience, The Kennel provides cats with Iams™ brand cat food; however, you can bring your own food if your feline friend is a finicky eater. Be sure to provide the food in an airtight container with the proper amount required for your pet's stay.

Waiting List

Seasonally we are at capacity. During this time we maintain a waiting list in case there is a cancellation.


  • Dog Boarding - Under 50lbs $24 per Day
  • Dog Boarding - 50lbs - 100lbs $26 per Day
  • Dog Boarding - 100lbs or More $29 per Day
  • Cat Boarding $12 per Day
  • Playtime - 15 min's $6 per Day
  • Walking - 15 min's $6 per Day
  • Day Care $13 per Day
  • Meds $1 a Time
*Grooming Rates Depend on Breed & Condition of Dog

Pickups after 12pm will be charged for that day


Aggressive Dogs

Dogs that are people or pet aggressive, or harder to handle may incur an additional charge. This is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
Contact our pet boarding facility in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, to reserve your pet's stay at our comfortable location.